Workplace injuries can come in many different forms due to many different causes. In addition to common types of bodily injuries suffered by people at work, some of the most serious and impactful injuries someone can experience include hearing and vision loss. If you become the victim of hearing or vision loss at your workplace, you will need to know your rights and how they may be protected under workers’ compensation. 

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Common Causes of Workplace Hearing Loss

Some people may be surprised to learn how prevalent situations that can potentially result in hearing damage may be, across a wide range of occupational environments. The standard recommendation for hearing safety is a limit of 85 dbA (known as “A-weighted decibels) averaged over an eight-hour work shift. Some of the common workplace equipment or settings that can exceed this limit include: 

  • Lawn mowers 

  • Manufacturing machinery 

  • Power tools 

  • Bulldozers 

  • Chainsaws 

  • Emergency vehicle sirens 

  • Sporting event crowds 

If you work in an occupation that requires you to be exposed to such environments or equipment for extended periods of time, you are at risk of experiencing damage to your hearing. This loss can happen gradually over time or be the result of a sudden accident that causes damage to the ears. 

Common Causes of Workplace Vision Loss

Similarly, damage to someone’s vision on the job can result from any number of factors. From accidents that injure the eyes to prolonged exposure or brain injuries that affect vision, a worker can either suffer sudden or gradual damage to their ability to see. Workplace scenarios that can result in vision loss include: 

  • Head, face, or eye injuries 

  • Chemical exposure or contact with the eyes 

  • Prolonged and/or unprotected exposure to intense light sources 

Whether the vision loss you have experienced has progressed gradually over time or resulted from a catastrophic accident, your life may never be the same again. With such a drastic change to your way of life, you deserve the right to pursue compensation for your loss. 

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Hearing/Vision Loss in Illinois?

Under Illinois law, any type of injury suffered at work while performing the normal duties of the job entitles the injured worker to receive workers’ compensation benefits. In order to receive benefits, you will need to be able to demonstrate that the hearing or vision loss you have suffered occurred as a direct result of performing your job and that the damage has affected your ability to continue to perform the tasks associated with your position. 

How Will I Be Compensated for My Loss?

Though the loss of use of a bodily appendage -- or one of the five senses -- is handled differently from one state to another, there is some common ground when it comes to such injuries. This type of injury or loss is referred to as a “scheduled” or “specific” loss. 

Under Illinois law, a scheduled loss award for hearing or vision loss can result in workers’ compensation benefits being paid out for anywhere between 54-215 weeks or more, depending upon the specific type of injury and the level of loss experienced. 

Consulting with knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys will provide you with greater clarity based on your unique situation and the injuries or losses you have sustained. 

Trust a Team of Experienced Attorneys

Dealing with a workplace injury can be stressful enough without having to worry about going through all of the paperwork and processes involved in seeking a resolution through workers’ compensation without help. When you hire a law firm with extensive experience in handling personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, you can have peace of mind that you and your case are in good hands. While you focus on recovery and/or adjusting to life after your injury, you can trust your legal representation to work hard on your behalf to help you reach the best available outcome. 


Hearing or vision loss on the job can have devastating effects on your life. You deserve the opportunity to see fair financial compensation for your loss. If you need help after experiencing hearing or vision loss in the workplace, contact us at Stiberth, Scarlati & Boudreau, LLC now. We proudly serve clients in Chicago and throughout Cook County and the Collar counties of Illinois. Schedule a consultation with us today.